Various Ideas for Decorating Your Home Walls with Liquid Chalk Markers

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Places in Your House You Can Decorate

Wall Chalk DecorIf you’re thinking about decorating your home walls with liquid chalk markers you first need to know what you’re aiming for. You can’t just have the kids draw wherever they please now can they? From nurturing your child’s artistic side to making your work at your home office easier, here are two areas in your home you can paint with blackboard paint and then be drawn on with liquid chalk. Since liquid chalk markers produce almost no dust.

Child’s Room

A child’s room or den is a perfect spot for a chalkboard wall in light of the fact that it serves as an extensive, clear canvas for their artistic efforts and home decoration. Contingent upon the age and stature of your child, you may paint the whole wall in blackboard paint or use only the lower area for a simple to-reach area for your toddler. Remember that chalk dust can get around the room; if your child is allergic or sensitive to it, paint a smaller area in the room, or think about decorating your home walls with liquid chalk markers instead of the dusty ones to avoid allergies.


Use chalkboard paint to add usefulness to a workspace without making openings in the walls or putting up huge bulletin boards and easels that minimize floor space. In an office, paint a huge datebook on the wall with liquid chalk and use chalk to write in the dates every month; you can compose arrangements in every day for simple survey and altering. In a craftsmanship or configuration space, paint a wall with chalkboard paint to serve as a vast workspace where you can draw out thoughts, ideas or doodles to help the imaginative procedure. The vast space can help you picture a venture in its whole. This also works really well in home offices.


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