Perfect Features That Modern Bathrooms Should Have

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Must Have Perfect Bathroom Features

If you are aiming to improve your home’s value then one of the best home improvement transformations that you can perform is on your bathroom. Don’t you know that homes with good bathrooms are very attractive among the house buyers especially if it has beautiful home decoration? If you are looking for different styles that you can incorporate in your bathroom, look no more as this article will recommend the must have features that you should get.

Home ImprovementHere is a rundown of the features that you should integrate:

(1) Calm bathroom colors: The bathroom is the part of the house that you can label as a sanctuary so make sure that aside from following the trend, you also observe neutral and calming colors. If your bathroom is utilizing ceramic tiles, choose colors such as beige, white and gray. These days, gray is considered as the trendiest color of them all. According to experts, selecting gray as the color the bathroom is a safe choice especially for the resale value. Gray is so expressive especially when matched with curtains, towels and etc. Also, light colors have the ability to bounce the light helping the bathroom achieve its relaxing mood.

(2) Install dual flush toilets: High water utility bill? Maybe there is something wrong with your toilet. Modern homeowners are very concerned with this issue because you can’t pay for a high water bill successively. Modern homes are now armed with dual flush toilets since it is effecting in saving water. When you buy toilets, make sure that it utilizes the state required amount of water per flush, 1.28 gallons. Most of all, the toilet should be EPA certified.

(3) Exhaust fan (humidity controlled): If there is a number one most requested feature in the bathroom that homeowners need, it is the exhaust fan. This data is according to National Association of Home Builders and this is entirely true. When a buyer takes a look at your bathroom, the very first thing they look for is the exhaust fan. Do not forget to have one in your bathroom. When the fan is installed, make sure that it vents outside the house not in the attic or anywhere else because it could be a cause of molds growth.

Good looking and clean bathrooms are the reflection of the owner’s hard work and dedication. Modern bathrooms are usually edgy and have lots of curbs. If you are into sleek and chic bathroom, try the features recommended above.

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