Get Expert Help for Foundation Repair in Houston, TX When you See These Warning Signs

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Warning Signs for Foundation Repair

Do you have issues with the foundation of your home or your building? Usually, an expert is being called to assess the property to see if there is indeed a need to repair or re-install a foundation. On the other hand, you could have an initial inspection of your property to determine if a repair is required.

Consider checking these warning signs shared by experts before you call someone for Houston foundation repair. It can really help to identify problems of your foundation to avoid future costly troubles. Additionally, it is less expensive than reinstalling a new foundation.

  1. Moisture in the basement – if you ever notice a leak or space moisture in the basement, it is one of the signs that your foundation repair Houston needs to be repaired. A wet and leaking basement can cause other issues like, mold growth, musty smell and worse it could sag and make the floors uneven.
  2. Bugs – you may think it is normal to see roaches and ants in the basement, but if there are too much of them, like centipedes, pill bugs and other bugs in there, it means the basement could be really musty, as these bugs are drawn to wet environments. Furthermore, they could hide through cracks of the foundation.
  3. Crack on walls – it is easy to fix the cracks and bowing on walls. On the other hand, a small crack may have been the result of a serious issue, like soil movement under the foundation or poor water drainage. If you see cracks or bowing on your walls, get an expert to further inspect the area. Try to remove other home decor to see if there are hidden cracks.
  4. Uneven floors – the main culprit to sagging or uneven floors is the foundation. At the same time, the foundation may be facing other problems like shifting soil, inadequate waterproofing and humidity from water seepage.
  5. Standing water – to be free from costly foundation repair in Houston, TX, make sure the gutters will divert the rainwater away from the house. If not, the rainwater will most likely seep through the ground and accumulate under your house which can result to foundation problems.

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