Easy Tips to Repair Your Garage Door in Cypress, TX

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How do You Repair Your Garage Door?

There are different components involved in the construction of a garage door, but two are the most important ones who make things happen. In the following tips we’ll cover the basics of garage door repair in Cypress, TX and its opening mechanism. The types of overhead garage doors typically used in most homes as home decoration and car protector come in either roll-up or swing-up varieties and most of them operate on a spring tension. Here are some steps on how you can deal with it:

Garage DoorStep #1

Check out the tracks inside your garage and look at their mounting brackets for loose screws and misalignment due to vibrations. If you need to, you should tighten the up until they can’t turn anymore. Check the door tracks for any damage such as scratches, dents and similar problems. Pound them out using a rubber mallet if you can or a piece of wood and a regular hammer. If the tracks were damaged in a way that prevents them from operating you may need to replace them completely.

Step #2

You should ensure your tracks are properly aligned by checking them out with a level. The horizontal variety of tracks should have a slight incline toward the back of your garage. If you have the roll-up variety of doors, then the vertical tracks should always be precisely plumb. You should ensure they are also perfectly aligned to each other unless you want the door to jam. If the tracks are misaligned you should fix them by loosening the bolts that hold the brackets a bit, and then tap the rails into position.

Step #3

Clean the tracks with pure household cleaning materials so you can remove the hard grease and dirt that accumulated there with time. Clean the rollers as well and wipe things dry to prevent rusting. This will be a great garage door repair tip in Cypress, TX that you can hold on to.

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