4 Lifehacks to Do a Successful Carpet Cleaning in Spring, Texas

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4 Tips to Maintain the Appearance of Carpets

carpetIf your carpet has been utilised for everyday use, you’ll be surprised to see how much dirt and stain may have accumulated with everyday’s wear and tear. Even if you’re doing carpet cleaning in Spring, Texas regularly, you will never totally get rid of all the stuff that mess up your carpet’s appearance. Oftentimes the problem is not the vacuum you’re using but the fact that once dirt goes into the carpet, it can’t easily be removed.

Follow these tips to maintain your carpet’s new-look all year long.

First, limit how much dirt you carpet gets in the first place. You may do this by either putting a shoes-off sign on your door or placing a sturdy doormat in all the entrances of your house. Regular vacuuming is yet another way to keep grit from being embedded to the fibers of the carpet. Spend some time of vacuuming in places where dirt usually collects such as the hems and the central areas of the carpet.

Second, spot clean your carpets properly. There are three major steps in spot cleaning a carpet. The first step is blotting which is done by covering the area with a clean towel and pressing it down until the liquid has been absorbed and the stain removed. Second is using a spot-cleaning mixture using few drops of dishwashing liquid and water. Third is rinsing which is done by misting the area with clean water, blotting the area again until no more residue of dirt comes out.

Third, hang your carpet out in the air. The dust and debris that collect in carpets can be detrimental to the health of those who are exposed to them. So aside from doing a regular carpet cleaning in Spring, Texas, consider using a beater brush to remove the dirt completely off the carpet.

Finally, be aware of the type of fabric your carpet is made of. Take note that there are different kinds of materials that a carpet can be made of such as synthetic, wool, and plant and each of these materials require different ways of cleaning.

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